Tradey Bay Pricing Policy

Standard Ads

Standard ads are the default ad type on Tradey Bay. Users can list their item for a fixed price.

Pricing: Free for the first 5 listings each month, then $1 per listing thereafter.

Auction Ads

Auction ads allow sellers to set a starting price, and buyers can place bids to purchase. The highest bidder at the end of the auction period wins the item.

Pricing: $2 per auction listing.

Special Limited Homepage Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are featured prominently on the homepage of Tradey Bay. These ads receive the highest visibility and are limited in availability.

Pricing: $5 per day for each Carousel Ad.

Special Limited Homepage Stories Ads

Stories Ads are a unique and engaging way to feature your item on the homepage. These ads allow sellers to include multiple images and a short description.

Pricing: $3 per day for each Stories Ad.

Listing Boosting

Sellers can boost their listings to increase visibility and potential buyer engagement. Boosted listings are prioritized in search results and category listings.

Pricing: $2 per boost, which lasts for 24 hours.